Regulations of the Institutional Repository CEFADIGITAL


Section 1

These regulations have the purpose of regulating the operation of the Institutional Repository CEFADIGITAL of the Education Centre of the Armed Forces (CEFFAA) and the conditions for deposit and publication of documents stored in it.

Section 2

The Institutional Repository has been created with the purpose of organizing, storing, preserving and publishing results of academic and research activity of the education community of CEFFAA.

Section 3

3.1. Administration of the Repository CEFADIGITAL will be the exclusive responsibility of the Joint Staff College that will have access as exclusive administrator.

3.2. Files with the material provided by institutions must be stored in the repository by duly authorized staff and, in all cases, with prior assistance of the technical administrator of the Repository CEFADIGITAL.

3.3. Authorized staff belonging to each institution must include a graduated librarian and technical staff with computing knowledge.

Section 4

The purposes of the Repository are:

Section 5

5.1. Material to be stored in the repository must meet the following requirements:

5.2. Exceptionally, it may also store material which, although it has not been produced at said institutions, has significant relevance for them.

5.3. Deposit of works must be delegated (not self- file) and only staff authorized by institutions may upload files with material from them with the assistance of the technical administrator of the repository CEFADIGITAL.

Section 6

6.1. Works stored in the repository may be viewed and downloaded in a free manner and at no cost without need for registration or prior authorization, respecting the conditions expressed in the license.

6.2. Any person may access and download full documents at no cost.

6.3. Full documents may be viewed or reproduced and delivered to third parties in any format or means without need for prior permission, provided they are used for personal, study, research and/ or educational purposes and also:

  1. Authors, title and bibliography description are mentioned.
  2. Content is not changed in any manner.
  3. A hyperlink and/ or URL to the website of the repository CEFADIGITAL is included.

Section 7

For the purposes of the repository, CEFFAA is a Unit; Institutions that are part of it will be called Communities and the different types of publications will be published as part of Collections.

Section 8

The repository will, by default and for all its content, use the license CreativeCommons Attribution- Noncommerical- Sharealike4.0 Argentina (CC BY-NC-SA4.0).

Works deposited in the Repository may be:

  1. Modified to adapt them to any type of technology that may be used with the Internet; suitable to be used in any electronic format and to include metadata to keep record of the work and include any type of security or protection that may be considered relevant.
  2. Reproduced in a digital device to be included in an electronic database, including the right to reproduce and store it in servers for the purposes of assuring safety, conservation and to keep its format.
  3. Communicated and be made available to the public through an institutional open file, that is accessible in a free manner and at no cost through the Internet or be distributed in electronic copies to users in a digital device regardless of the restrictions the author may establish.

Section 9

9.1. The author shall be clearly identified as owner of the document rights and, therefore, accepts any liability as to breach of intellectual property law.

9.2. The Joint Staff College reserves the right to withdraw the work upon prior notice to the author, in justified cases or in case claim from third parties.

9.3. Works that do not comply with the requirements set in Section 5 of these Regulations shall not be authorized to be uploaded.

9.4. The Joint Staff College will adopt the necessary measures for the preservation of the work.

Section 10

All records of metadata of works kept in the repository CEFADIGITAL will be published based on the interoperability protocol under Dublin Core format.

According to metadata previously set for the Joint Staff College for its collections, the administrator of CEFADIGITAL will recommend the pertinent metadata for collections each institution requests to create.